PipelineDeals is a spreadsheet-centered CRM with a specialty in helping sales teams be successful. Through deal-driving workflows, PipelineDeals aims to prevent opportunities from falling through the cracks. With various customization and permissions options, it helps each member of the team do their best work in nurturing relationships and tracking the most important metrics in real time.

Custom Connectors

PipelineDeals + Openside makes cohesive deal nurture sequences and relationship management even better. Through our series of powerful connectors, you’re able to connect PipelineDeals CRM with your favorite applications exactly the way you want it to be done, without wasting time making your apps talk with each-other. Openside enables you to automate the tech that supports your business so that you and your team can focus on what you enjoy doing most. Get in-depth connectors for your PipelineDeals service and make it do so much more. Need a custom connector built for this app? Let us know.

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