Openside Services for Airtable

The very best in implementation and ongoing support options for Airtable

Database Design

Whether you’ve just started with Airtable, or you’re looking to overhaul what you already have, your database deserves to be amazing. Either way, let Openside be your “point person” and build a shockingly effective database for you.

What you get with Openside database design service:

  1. Customized bases and tables, designed according to your needs.
  2. Cohesive workflows utilizing your database for your unique team.
  3. Simple implementation and setup for future development

Dashboard/Block Creation

What’s a great database if it can’t be used easily? A key factor to the success of any Airtable database is having a bird’s eye view of the most important information, easily accessible and well designed. Openside is the best there is in building the right dashboard for your decision-making or creative process.
What you get with Openside dashboard and block creation:

  1. Easily-used dashboard(s) that display(s) key info for your organization.
  2. Companion blocks to compliment your table setup.
  3. The right tools to visualize, collaborate and plan with your team.

Training & Documentation

You’ve got your database, and it’s epic. Now you need to get the people using it to be able to use it to its fullest potential, and not break anything in the process. Get team training to onboard everyone quickly with Openside’s expert training, then stay on track forever with custom documentation provided by Openside for your unique workflows.

What you get with Openside training and documentation:

  1. A launch pad for getting started quickly.
  2. Personalized instruction by an Openside expert for either your point person or entire team via video conferencing.
  3. Easy-to-understand guides to use as reference for future questions or internal training/onboarding.

Managed Backups

Keeping your database safe is vital, and regular backups are the way to get it done. What if you didn’t have to deal with the trouble of setting it up, teaching someone to maintain it, and remembering to run them regularly? It’s a good thing Openside can do that for you.
What you get with Openside managed backups:

  1. Your Airtable bases and tables backed up regularly with security in mind throughout.
  2. Backups delivered to you on the schedule you specify, to the backup location you specify.
  3. None of the mental hassle or time commitment of doing them regularly.



Airtable isn’t the only software you use to run your business and getting continuity in your data across all your apps can be incredibly time-consuming. Openside is, at its core, a team of workflow automation experts. We’ll make your business software engine (and all the tools you use) run like it was designed that way.

What you get with Openside automations:

  1. Initial consult with one of our automation experts to get a picture of your setup and goals.
  2. Custom automation build to meet your goals.
  3. Less errors in your database, and less time wasted, by letting the tech take care of repetitive or mundane tasks in your business.


After you’ve got your business tech engine purring, you’ll want to keep it in top shape. With Openside on your team you don’t have to worry about anything breaking in a critical moment. We’ll do what we’re good at -including keeping your systems amazing- so you can focus on doing what you’re good at.
What you get with Openside monitoring:

  1. A team of experts on call for maintaining your automations.
  2. Quick answers and resolution if/when things do go wrong.
  3. When combined with Openside automation help, being “future proofed” for when new apps get introduced to the mix.

Metrics Tracking

Keeping up with all the important changes and trends within an Airtable database can be daunting. Whether you want to dig in and find them yourself, or would prefer to have them served up easily, Openside has your back. We understand Airtable better than anyone, and can provide you with real-time metrics for the info critical to your business.

What you get with Openside metrics tracking:

  1. A great “overall picture” of what’s happening with your business through Airtable analysis.
  2. An intelligent methodology for following key indicators.
  3. Real-time tracking and delivery.


You need a way to communicate effectively with your internal team and your external clients or partners. With Openside reporting, you can have outputs from your Airtable (including new clients reports, invoices, team performance, support down time, and many others) customized to your needs and delivered directly to your decision
makers, as often as desired.

What you get with Openside reporting:

  1. Regularly scheduled reports delivered straight to your inbox
  2. Customized reports on an array of statuses, database changes, and lists.
  3. Useful outputs for partners, clients, marketing, and other outside parties.

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