Based in Utah, our team is passionate – no, obsessed! – about helping users become more productive and efficient with Airtable. Our workflow automation experts are constantly tinkering, coding, and exploring to bring better solutions to the Airtable ecosystem.  We work with amazing companies in several industries to implement their workflows in Airtable. Having spent hundreds of hours in Airtable, we’ve built some amazing products to help us and our clients be more efficient and when it makes sense, we open those products up to everyone to gain the same leverage.


After years and years of software development building custom software solutions for companies, Openside Founder Dan Fellars went looking for a better approach that fit the needs of his customers: a fast, stable, user friendly, and hopefully inexpensive platform to build out custom workflows. He knew he found all that in Airtable. After a few projects under his belt, he turned Openside into the first fully dedicated solution provider for Airtable.

Being the leader in the Airtable ecosystem, we’ve pioneered several game changing approaches for Airtable customers.  Our suite of products, On2Air, sets the foundation for making Airtable a full blown platform for workflow automation.  crmAir is a fully functional CRM built specific to multiple industries and leverages Airtable and On2Air with no modifications required.  We are most proud of launching BuiltOnAir – a site dedicated to the amazing Airtable community.  People are building all sorts of incredible flows on Airtable and BuiltOnAir is where to find out about them and all things Airtable.

Ready to start improving your Airtable workflows?