On2Air: Forms

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The Airtable forms solution you’ve been looking for.

Create powerful, fully customizable forms that operate as a seamless extension of your Airtable workflow.

On2Air Forms combines JotForm’s robust form-building capabilities with the power to pull Airtable data into your forms and push form responses back to Airtable.

Our suite of form add-ons makes it simple to add On2Air functionality to your new or existing JotForms.

Pull any data from your Airtable databases into forms, search within databases for form options, auto-populate forms from pre-existing data, near-instant updates, view names or filters from Airtable in your forms, support for HTML, and more.

Note: This product requires active JotForm and Airtable accounts to run.




On2Air Forms flexibly combines the robust form building features of JotForm with the data in your Airtable database. Pull real-time data from your Airtable to generate form question choices and dynamic components.

Powered by the Airtable automation experts at Openside. We built On2Air Forms after searching for solutions robust, integrated form solutions for our clients. We couldn’t find anything that checked all the boxes, so we developed it ourselves. We’re confident it will help your Airtable databases shine, too.

Note: This product requires active JotForm and Airtable accounts to run.

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Example Use Cases

  • Display up-to-date data from Airtable on your company’s internal forms. Share relevant information like current sales status or customer contact details, so your team doesn’t have to toggle between viewing your database and submitting relevant responses.
  • Allow employees to update record details (individually or in bulk) without granting edit access to your entire Airtable base.
  • Show a list of in-stock products to your customers on your external order form, pulled from your live product inventory information in Airtable.

On2Air Forms settings can be easily adjusted from its clean interface within JotForm’s form builder to fit your company’s needs.


What You Get

The On2Air Forms suite of add-ons has three components:

  • Simple Select is a form dropdown field that seamlessly pulls question choices from records in your Airtable base. Specify what field is displayed, assign a default value, and filter + sort options. Capture whatever associated record values you want in your form responses.
  • Placeholder stores Simple Select responses in plain text to increase your form building powers. Use Airtable data to display record values in your form, add conditional logic, personalize question labels, and more.
  • Webhook Generator allows you to connect your On2Air-enabled form with Zapier or any API automation builder to finish building out your integrated workflow. Optionally, combine with On2Air Actions for a cutting-edge way to update or add data to your Airtable database from form responses.

Visit the On2Air Forms knowledge base for more on each feature, including tutorials and examples.


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This connector is not the official forms option for Airtable or JotForm. Openside is not directly associated with Airtable or JotForm unless otherwise stated.

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