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Sometimes you just need the right tool, in the right place. Openside makes that happen with these custom utilities designed to fit the right niche needs. Built on the Zapier framework, see the power of the right tools below:




Need to process massive amounts of data? Need it in the format that easily transfers to your various applications? This is for you. Here at Openside, we understand that sometimes the small things can make the biggest difference in an effective daily workflow. That difference can be big frustration or a big success. Fortunately, as a development group, our job is to turn those software obstacles into powerful tools. That’s what we’ve done with Openside Line Items.

See table below for a current full list of functions provided by the Openside Line Items Tool on Zapier connector (more features added regularly):

Name Type Openside Line Items PRO
Line Items to Text Lines Action  
Post Line Items to a Webhook (up to 25 fields) Action  
Post Line Items to a Webhook (up to 100 fields) Action  
Convert JSON Array to Line Item Fields Action  
Convert Line Items to a JSON String Action  

Modify Text Using Dynamic Variables & Modify Text Using Dynamic Variables (With Line Line Items to Text Lines

Used to convert line items into a single text object, using dynamic syntax parameters you set up.

Batch Line Items (up to 25 or up to 100 fields)

Used to run line item projects to a Webhook in larger batches (up to 100 lines, in up to 1000 iterations of the action).

This is used as a way to break up processing into smaller iterations that take less time and bandwidth. Useful because many platforms (including Zapier) won’t allow for projects that are too large or take too much time (Zapier’s limit is 30 seconds). Processing a batch of 1000 items most likely would take longer than that limit, so sending the data in smaller batches bypasses that limit.

Set up a Webhook within Zapier to send the batches to, then configure your lines (key, value, default value) with the desired data. If less than 26 line items are needed, use “Post Line Items to a Webhook (25),” if between 26-100, use “Post Line Items to a Webhook (100).”

JSON Array to Line Item Fields / Line Items to JSON

This utility is for use when you have a string of JSON that Zapier doesn’t recognize as line items, and you need them to be converted for input, or the other way around.

Therefore, with this utility you can make any string of JSON directly convert to line items, or vice versa (make a single line item or series of line items convert to a JSON array).


For a more in-depth description of each feature, head over to our documentation pages.


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