Hourly Consultation


You’ve found the perfect connector to meet your company’s workflow needs, now it’s time to make sure it gets set up quickly, with the right functionality in place from the start. With Openside’s hourly consultation, you can do just that.

Start off running with this in-depth implementation training. Get access to an Openside expert for a 1 hour video conference to walk you through setting up your first connector implementation (or more if time allows). Get real-usage tips and training from the beginning to meet your workflow goals even more quickly.



With your new product powered by Openside, you’ve made a vital step to making your company’s workflows operate at peak efficiency. To maximize the purchase-to-implementation time, we provide this service to access one of our implementation experts from the get-go, at a fraction of our normal implementation services price.

What’s included in this consultation:

  • 1 hour face-to-screen training session via video conferencing
  • Hands-on walk through to help implement your Airtable or Zapier setup
  • Real usage tips and case scenarios for the product in your specific company

If you’ve purchased an Openside product, check your email for a coupon code to get a 50% off discount on this product.

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