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The On2Air library of products provides additional, advanced options for any Airtable setup. Each tool is designed to make your work simple, capable and streamlined.

The Openside-developed software suite includes:

On2Air: Actions – integrate your Airtable setup with many of the other apps and software you use to dramaticallly increase automation and workflow efficiency

On2Air: Forms – input and display data from within your Airtable with advanced forms that can dynamically interact with your specific schema

On2Air: Backups – create scheduled backups of your critical business data stored in Airtable and export your information to Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

On2Air: Scripts – create, edit, maintain, and integrate multiple scripts from a single codebase and sync across multiple Airtable bases..

On2Air: Schemas – generated diagrams to visualize your base structure highlighting all tables, fields, field types, and relational data. Understand and view your Airtable base configuration at a glance.

On2Air: Storage – create scheduled backups of your critical business data stored in Airtable and export your information to Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

Visit our dedicated site to learn more about what the software can do for your workflows

Airtable Implementations

We offer a package that helps with implementation of Airtable + your tech stack, using a trained and certified team of Airtable experts combined with a tested implementation framework

Free up time and resources while you get peace of mind by adding capability and automation to each core system that keeps your business going:

Database Design

Dashboard/Block Creation


Monitoring & Reporting

Key Metrics


Systems Audits

Ongoing Consulting

We also offer ongoing support as desired and after implementation is complete

Successful Work

We've worked with Fortune 500 companies to Yoga studios and (almost) everything in between, and happy to continue to do so

“Openside enabled our business to function property for a long time without having to to think about building our own software, and that is pretty invaluable. Their On2Air: Actions <-> Airtable integration is amazing, we use it very often and are very happy with the results”
(see their story here)

John Parker, CTO

“Openside has allowed us to bridge the gap between Airtable and the many other tools we use. It has saved us time and effort in creating multiple steps in Zapier, and has enabled us to consolidate many actions into one step. It has also allowed us to do more with Airtable to power our initiatives.”
(see their story here)

Aparna Kothary, Director of Technology

“Openside has provided a reliable solution to our business that has saved us countless hours by helping us to automate different steps associated with helping and tracking our customers as they move through our process to sell their home with our service”
(see their story here)

Kris Lippi, Owner & Broker

“With the help of Openside’s products and services, we saw over 70% improvement in efficiency of our business process and workflows” (see their story here)

Gabe Amey, CEO


Get the help and support you need in a dedicated Airtable community

BuiltOnAir is an active platform for Airtable users of all kinds, and offers an amazing variety of ways to experience the app:

A video podcast showcasing how experts use Airtable in their work

In-depth guides to using Airtable in a variety of industries

A resources library for all the known tools built to enhance Airtable

Weekly curation of the most valuable updates in the Airtable world

Metrics on the top bases in Airtable Universe during the month